• Year Round Swim Team

    The Granite Falls Makos is designed to teach the fundamentals of competitive swimming, instill confidence in young swimmers and mold children of all ages into well rounded athletes.

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  • Track Out Camps

    The Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club Track Out Camps are Full Day camps for kindergarten through 5th grade students that will be fitness focused.

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Welcome to Granite Falls Swim & Athletic Club, Northern Wake County’s Premier Fitness & Year-Round Swim Club. This family-friendly progressive athletic club offers a fit lifestyle for every age.

Amenities Include:
  • 60,000 sq. ft. full-service athletic center
  • Outdoor and indoor pool complex
  • State-of-the-art fitness equipment with cardio cinemas
  • A variety of aerobic, yoga, and pilates classes
  • KidzFit classes and KidZone areas

Check out Fun at the Falls for a comprehensive guide to all of our current programs and activities!

  • Granite Falls Swim & Athletic Club

    Where everybody knows your name…

    What makes Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club different from other clubs? We’re certainly not the biggest. We might not have a fancy cafe offering healthy little meals and smoothies but we do have one thing…the best membership family around. We LOVE our members! Our members are friends with the staff and each other. They smile when they walk in the door. They encourage each other, pick each other up when needed, and celebrate accomplishments together. THEY ARE Granite Falls Swim and…

  • 4024_scale

    Scale or Pants?

    Are you the person that hops on the scale each and every day to see if you have lost or gained 4 ounces? Do you run screaming when you see the scale? What about your closet? Do you have your “fat pants” hanging alongside those jeans you hope to squeeze back into someday? Do you rely on the scale or your pants to assess weight loss or maintenance? We all have ways of gauging weight gain or loss. There is no right…

  • 1004_crop

    New Year, New Resolutions, New You

    The first few months of each year usually bring about some familiar trends at the club. You know what they are, full parking lot, busy fitness floor, someone new in your regular spot in class, etc. Are you a regular or someone new this year (and “new” also includes those of you that are “getting back to the gym”)? Either way we are glad to see your enthusiasm for health and fitness and encourage you to try keep coming long after the…

  • 7011_Personal_Training2

    Taking Roll?

    You remember the classes you took in college where the professor didn’t take roll? Seemed a lot harder to get to those classes sometimes due to the lack of accountability right? The gym can feel the same way which is why we encourage you to find a buddy, an accountability partner, to work out with. Look for a friend or someone you see frequently in class and find out if you have similar fitness goals. Make a plan each week to meet…