Biggest Chooser Winner 2024

Granite Falls Swim & Athletic Club

Winner 2024!

Winner : Team Black
Total Lbs. Lost Overall: 634.6


BIGGEST CHOOSER 2024- Winner- Team Black

Another year of Biggest Chooser has finished.

Another year of great weight loss. The total overall weight loss across the competition was 634.6 pounds!

The biggest female looser is Alicia Grose with a percentage body weight loss of 12.3%

The biggest male looser is Randy Robertson with a percentage body weight loss of 14.83%

Congratulations to Team Black as winners of the competition, led by Phillip Williams with an overall percentage weight loss of 8.15 %.

Phillip’s ability to coach his teams each year to a healthier, leaner lifestyle is spectacular. 


Overall Results

Red Team - Geraldine
6.18% Total Weight Lost
White Team - Heather
1.3% Total Weight Lost
Turquoise Team - Natalie
4.49% Total Weight Lost
Navy Blue Team - Denae
4.17% Total Weight Lost
Army Green Team: Nolan
4.19% Total Weight Lost
Black Team - Phillip
8.15% Total Weight Lost