Are you ready to shed those extra winter pounds? Maybe you want to maintain what you have already worked hard to achieve. Perhaps you want to feel healthier.

Naturally, warmer weather and sunshine make us feel more active. More waking hours of sunshine helps the body generate vitamin D. Replenishing your vitamin D levels while eating healthily and exercising can provide more weight loss than diet and exercise alone. Green leafed fruit and vegetables are more abundant in spring. The greener the leaf of a fruit or vegetable, the more powerful it will be in helping to lower insulin levels, which helps you burn fat. Fill your plate with green leafed berries, arugula, artichokes, spinach, asparagus and watercress, all hitting the shop shelves in Spring. Warm-weather drinks normally have fewer calories than cold weather ones so you will automatically cut back on calories- a hot chocolate with all the fixin’s contains around 400 calories typically. A citrus refresher may have as few as 60 calories.

Joining one of our highly experienced personal trainers here at Granite Falls for the 5- week Spring Lean will help you feel fitter, leaner and stronger. Choose your class time and join your trainer for 5 weeks of exercise and accountability and together with dietary small changes and some sunshine you will be giving yourself the best opportunity to hit summer in great shape.

Register online at GraniteFallsClub.com or call 919 562 8895.

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