Biggest Chooser 2023 – Week #8 Recap

Granite Falls Swim & Athletic Club


Week #8

Current Leader: Turquoise
Total Lbs. Lost: 590.9lbs.




The results for Week 8 are in, but before we dive into numbers, let’s talk about the big picture and the scope of this competition. Remember that this event is a celebration of everyone’s wellness and their weight-loss achievements. Quite literally, every loser is a winner! By joining others in a like-minded pursuit of improved health and quality of life, we contribute to our own success. As Peter Gabriel sang in the 1974 classic “Back in NYC”; “We’re only as strong as the weakest link in the chain.”

To this end, we have a big celebration planned for Friday, March 24 at 6 pm in the group fitness studio. Sarah would like to remind everyone that this is not just for the winning team, but rather a celebration of wellness. Wine, beer, and healthy snacks will be served and a raffle will be held for all who attend.

Now for the results from Week 8 with a reminder that all results will be going dark after this report. Team Turquoise has maintained its Week 1 lead and is trending toward a wire-to-wire victory. Army Green and the Black Attack are within striking distance, but it will take a big push to catch the leaders.

Kudos to this week’s Biggest Chooser of the Week, Peter Binder who lost nine pounds or 3.73% of his body weight. Congratulations to all of our participants who have faithfully executed their game plan and are better because of their efforts. Good luck to all on the final push to the finish line.

One Housekeeping Note:

Per Miss Sarah, the leaderboard will not be updated until Wednesday 3/8. Thanks!




Red Team - Geraldine
4.64% Total Weight Lost
Turquoise Team - Janice
7.27% Total Weight Lost
Army Green Team - Phillip
5.78% Total Weight Lost
Grey Team - Denae
2.75% Total Weight Lost
Navy Blue Team - Nolan
2.96% Total Weight Lost
Black Team - Phillip
5.43% Total Weight Lost
Purple Team - Heather
1.40% Total Weight Lost