Biggest Chooser 2023 – Week #2 Recap

Granite Falls Swim & Athletic Club


Week # 2

Current Leader: Turquoise
Total Lbs. Lost: 180.9lbs





1) To say the competition is off to a rousing start would be an understatement. In over the 10 years, we have held the event, never have more teams come out of the gate with this weight loss rate. Janice Hirsch’s Turquoise Machine leads the way with a 1.66% points weight loss ratio, the second greatest in week two history. Hot on their heels are Philip Williams’ Black Attack weighing in at 1.62% points lost, ranking them in the top ten all-time for week two results. Williams added, “Those results will change in week three.” Let the rivalries begin!

2) There were also some impressive individual efforts. Biggest Chooser of the Week, Turquoise’ Alicia Grose began the competition with a 3.95% week two loss mark that paved the way for the team’s early lead. Right behind Alicia was Sara Robertson of the Black Attack at 3.85%. Other notable performances: Heather Blackmon – Grey 3.42%, Dinetta Richardson – Army Green 2.60%, Daniela Policastro – Red 2.97%, Erin Biggio – Purple 2.52%, and Kasie Schweiner – Navy Blue 1.53%.

3) Biggest Chooser leader and our Granite Falls Fitness Director Sarah Roskilly has a fascinating background. Born in Morpeth in Northumberland, Sarah was a true English lass from the start. She grew up active and fit and as a teenager, she met the legend, Muhamad Ali. She recalls. “I made my mom drive me to Newcastle airport in 1977 because I was such a big fan. He came right over and shook my hand!” From Newcastle to Rolesville, Sarah has brought her passion for fitness to our corner of the world.


Stay tuned for our weekly updates and results. Happy choosing!



Red Team - Geraldine
1.31% Total Weight Lost
Turquoise Team - Janice
1.66% Total Weight Lost
Army Green Team - Phillip
1.39% Total Weight Lost
Grey Team - Denae
1.57% Total Weight Lost
Navy Blue Team - Nolan
0.42% Total Weight Lost
Black Team - Phillip
1.62% Total Weight Lost
Purple Team - Heather
0.47% Total Weight Lost