Small Group

HIIT the Holidays Hard

Small Group High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) with Denae Beaudet. This five week program starts November 10th and meets on Tuesdays at 10am

This program has already started but it’s never too late to join the group!

Granite Falls Gladiators

Granite Falls Gladiators is a fun and challenging workout program designed to help you exercise to your full potential. Strength and cardio components are included to help you lose weight, build lean muscle mass and feel stronger.

Based on the principles of interval training which is the most efficient form of cardio, burning a lot of calories in a short period of time, reducing your resting heart rate and blood pressure and improving oxygen consumption. Strength intervals will build muscle and improve resting metabolic rate.

The group setting helps build camaraderie and support by working out along side friends and teammates with similar enthusiasm and goals.

This program has already started but it’s never too late to join the group!

Youth Run Club

Youth run club for 7-13 years of age. A 6 week program focusing on speed, hills, track and distance.

This program has already started but it’s never too late to join the group!

Run Club - Winter/Spring

This program runs from January 12th to April 3rd. Each session is one hour. Choose one day or do both!

Program includes Intervals, short runs, and dynamic warm-ups. Participants also receive work-outs to complete the rest of the week. Training appropriate for all runners.

This Program Starts January 12th

Stretch One-On-One

Not a small group, but a one-on-one personalized stretching experience with Ryan Karpinski.

Are you tight and sore from either work or exercise, then come check out our new one-on-one personal stretching experience.

If you’re looking to loosen up, gain flexibility, or improve your overall well-being then this one-on-one personal stretch experience is for you!

Biggest Chooser

Our biggest and most popular event is just around the corner!

This 12 week, team-based, weight loss challenge includes initial and final team weigh-ins and 10 weeks of 1 hour team workouts. These personal trainer led teams are assessed weekly based on percentage of total weight loss.

The group atmosphere is fun and supportive, but the competition gets fierce!

Are you ready for the challenge?

An Annual Program Starting in January 


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