Granite Falls Swim & Athletic Club


Current Leader: Turquoise Team
Total Lbs. Lost: 372.4



To borrow a racing term, we are making the last turn and heading into the home stretch of our competition. The standings remain unchanged this week with Team Turquoise in the lead (5.20% lost) followed by the Red Heads (4.74) and Team Royal Blue (4.53). Just 3.1 percentage points separate the top from the bottom so it’s game on.

Three Observations from Week Six

Team Turquoise was led in weight loss this week by Dana Primiano who checked in down 9.02%. Wow! Not that such an achievement is easy. It obviously takes discipline and self-control. There are times of testing for us all. One has to ask, if we’re not meant to snack at mid-night, why is there a light in the refrigerator?

It appears the coaches are really stepping up. One captain sent his team to the paint store to get thinner. Another coach advocated some solid advice on marking the progress of her team by suggesting they put their Fitbits in the dryer before a workout so they would have extra steps recorded.

Lastly, the real competitive nature of our participants is emerging. One team member said, “It take a lot of willpower, but I’ve finally given up dieting”. An anonymous competitor claimed, “I ate a salad for dinner last night, mostly tomatoes and croutons. Well one big crouton and some tomato sauce. And some cheese. O.k. it was a pizza alright!” Finally, a question for us all. What do you call someone who doesn’t stick to a diet? A “desserter”!

See you all next week.



Red Team - Geraldine
4.74% Total Weight Lost
Turquoise Team - Janice
5.2% Total Weight Lost
Orange Team - Sarah
3.52% Total Weight Lost
White Team - Heather
2.1% Total Weight Lost
Gray Team - Denae
3.3% Total Weight Lost
Blue Team - Marisa
4.53% Total Weight Lost
Pink Team: Geraldine
3.63% Total Weight Lost
Yellow Team - Denae
2.71% Total Weight Lost
Black Team - Phillip
4.07% Total Weight Lost
Purple Team - Heather
3.34% Total Weight Lost


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