Summer 2021 – Outdoor Pool Policies & Procedures

It’s that wonderful time of the year again – pool season! We wanted to take a moment to welcome all of our valued members and their guests as we embark on another summer of fun. A few helpful and friendly reminders:

1. Please – no alcohol or glass containers of any kind may be brought into the facility (we do check coolers and freezer bags). This is a very important regulation due to our agreement with the liquor control board and the state of North Carolina. Failure to adhere to this regulation could result in loss of membership. Also if we has a glass breakage on the pool deck it could result in closing the pool for up to two weeks.

2. Remember that if you have guests, please check in at the upper lobby front desk. We will get you checked in efficiently so you can enjoy your day.

3. If you order outside food for delivery to the pool please tell your delivery driver to meet you at the back check-in gate to pick-up / pay for your food.

4. Finally, please check our newsletter, website and social media for fun summer events. We typically fire up the grill on Memorial Day, Labor Day, and 4th of July.

See you at the pool!

Check Out the Pool Schedule HERE

Pool Rules

1. Children 12 and under must be supervised by a member at least 16 years of age in the pool areas at all times.

2. Parent/guardians must be in the water with their child(ren) ages 4 and under unless in a Swim Program with an approved instructor.

3. During the outdoor pool season, lifeguards will break for 10 minutes prior to each hour. All pools will be open for adult swim (18+) only during that time and all pool rules still apply.

4. If flotation devices are worn, they must be securely attached to the body. Parents must be within “arms reach” at all times. Approved flotation devices include water wings, life vests, bubbles or flotation suits with inserts.

5. Tubes with built in seats are allowed for children < 3, are subject to staff approval, and may be restricted during higher usage times.

6. All pool users must wear appropriate attire. No thong swimsuits, cut-offs, or jean shorts allowed.

7. All diapers must be changed in the bathrooms and not on lounge chairs, tables, or other areas of the facility.

8. All children who are not potty trained (meaning they never need to wear a diaper or pull-up and no longer have occasional accidents) must always wear swim diapers and vinyl training pants over their swim diapers while using the pools. The Club offers swim diapers for purchase

9. “Big Dipper” Slide: Children must be at least 48” or pass the swim test to use the “Big Dipper” Slide. Adults are not allowed to go down the slide with their children. Glasses or goggles are not allowed while using the slide. Must go down the slide feet first and one at a time. During lifeguard breaks, the slide is for adult use only. Upon entry to the water, promptly exit to the left using the stairs. There is no loitering in pool at the end of the slide.

10. Lazy River: Children must be at least 48”, pass the swim test, or be accompanied by a member 16 or older to use the Lazy River. All riders must be standing inside, sitting inside, or lying on top an approved Granite Falls flotation device. Children 6 and under may ride on the lap of an adult, except during the 10-minute lifeguard break. No flipping or passing tubes. No passing other riders. Those who continually try to pass others will be asked to leave the Lazy River. Entrance is by the stairs only and exit is by the stairs or ladders only. Please use the closest exit when the whistle blows.

11. The Sprayground feature is only for children 8 years old or younger.

12. The baby pool is only for children 4 years old or younger.

13. No balls or water guns are allowed, however, they may be used in supervised and organized Granite Falls programs or during less crowded pool times at the lifeguard’s/MOD’s discretion.

14. Pool furniture must remain on the deck and should not be brought into the zero entry area or water.

15. Diving sticks/rings and other toys are subject to staff approval, and may be restricted during higher usage times.

16. Persons with severe cuts or open wounds may be denied access to the pools.

17. No diving, flipping, cartwheeling, or any dangerous pool entry moves.

18. No running in any area of the pool, including pool decks, pools, water features, slides, stairs, etc. unless participating in an approved and organized Granite Falls program.

19. No sitting or standing on shoulders or rough housing in any pool areas.

20. Be aware of pool depths at all times. Stay in appropriate water depth according to your ability.

21. Clean your area and dispose of all trash before leaving.

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