Biggest Chooser 2021 – Final Results & Winning Team

Granite Falls Swim & Athletic Club



Winning Team: Turquoise Team
Total Lbs. Lost: 495.60



Well, the deed is done, the weight is lost and the winner is: Janice’ Team Turquoise! Congratulations on a job well done.  The wining squad dropped 8.19% of their total body weight to capture the title. Douglas Whitmer led the way for the winners, losing 8.61% of his body weight while leading all male competitors in weight loss.

Miss Holly Lavrack took home the honors on the woman’s side of the ledger. Congratulations are in order for all participants and a shout out to the runner-up Royal Blues led by Miss Marisa and the third place Reds captained by Miss Geraldine.

It’s been a wonderful event this year and Fitness Director Sarah Roskilly added, “I am very grateful for everyone who took part this year, both trainers and participants.” Well said Miss Sarah. Thanks to all who make Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club the special place it is. Summer is around the corner, see you all soon!

1st Turquoise Team – Janice: 8.19%

2nd Blue Team – Marisa: 6.34%

3rd Red Team – Geraldine: 5.91%



Red Team - Geraldine
5.91% Total Weight Lost
Turquoise Team - Janice
8.19% Total Weight Lost
Orange Team - Sarah
4.03% Total Weight Lost
White Team - Heather
3.02% Total Weight Lost
Gray Team - Denae
3.95% Total Weight Lost
Blue Team - Marisa
6.34% Total Weight Lost
Pink Team: Geraldine
3.19% Total Weight Lost
Yellow Team - Denae
1.33% Total Weight Lost
Black Team - Phillip
5.47% Total Weight Lost
Purple Team - Heather
4.36% Total Weight Lost