Why Should Kids Exercise?

October 3rd, 2017

Does your child’s daily schedule encourage physical fitness? Or is your kid stuck in a rut — perhaps even a school system — that leaves little time for exercise?
We often hear about exercise as a remedy for poor health and child obesity. But exercise for children is important for other reasons too.

Kids who are active will:

• boost brain growth and cognitive development
• have stronger muscles and bones
• have a leaner body
• be less likely to become overweight
• decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes
• lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels
• have a better outlook on life
• sleep better
• be better able to handle physical & emotional changes

At Granite Falls we believe in creating an environment where our kids can get the much-needed exercise and have a blast doing it!!! Best part is, all of these classes are included for FREE with your Granite Falls membership!

Please join in the fun!!!

MONDAY-  KidZ Fit 4:30p(ages 3-6) & 5:00p(ages 7-10)
TUESDAY- KidZ Funk 4:30p(ages 3-6) & 5:00p(ages 7-10)
WEDNESDAY-  KidZ Yoga 4:30p(ages 3-6) & 5:00p(ages 7-10)