Welcome Our New Personal Trainer – Heather Marine

While traditional exercise was not a part of my upbringing, I did stay fit and active through my rigorous classical dance training schedule. It only made sense, then, that when I did begin my healthier fitness lifestyle after the birth of my fourth child, I was drawn to the musicality of group fitness, specifically that of old school Step Aerobics. While studying for my Group Fitness certification, I was able to help my fitness mentor as she opened her own group fitness studio. It was for her I developed my own Barre class technique, drawing on my dancing experiences. I soon earned a personal training certification and spent several years helping clients of all ages work toward their individual fitness goals. I love the energy and camaraderie in small group training and group exercise classes, but there’s something great about one- on one specific goal-setting and achievements, too! I respect that what works for one person may not be the best option for another, so walking with clients through each step on their journey is quite a privilege for me. 

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