The Power of Joining a Group!

December 12th, 2018

Groups In Order to Achieve

According to Napoleon Hill, author of international best seller Think and Grow Rich, in order for a group of people to be successful in reaching a goal, the group needs to:

  1. utilize a coordination of knowledge and effort,
  2. in a spirit of harmony,
  3. between two or more people,
  4. for the attainment of a definite purpose.

Basically, a powerful group is a group of people who communicate regularly with each other for the purpose of helping each other reach their goals. This type of group can be powerful in many areas including business, community, and even fitness.

What are the features of a successful group?

While every goal-oriented group will have its own individual characteristics, there are some elements that should be present in order for the group to function at the highest level possible.  These include:

  • A leader.  A leader is an essential ingredient for a successful group.  Without someone to provide direction and keep the session in line with the agenda, much time could be wasted.  This person may also provide individual coaching for members outside of the group sessions.
  • Member commitment. Because a group is only as strong as its members, participants must be committed to being active in the group.  The success of a group depends on the willingness of each member to work hard not only on his own individual goals, but also on the goals of the other members.
  • Cost.  Truly successful groups require members to pay a fee to participate.  The value of this feature is rooted in the fact that people tend to value what they have invested themselves in.  The old cliché, ‘You don’t get something for nothing,’ rings true.  When members must pay a fee for the privilege of participating in a group, they are likely to take it more seriously.

Why do groups work so well?

When highly motivated people join together to reach goals and make things happen, the result is often an up-leveling of success for everyone.  Members are not just relying on their own ideas or internal motivation.  When making themselves vulnerable to the group, members are subjecting themself to other ideas, motivations and accountability.

The member’s individual goals become their team’s goals.  And the team’s goals become the individual’s goals.  We all know that sometimes we need to be pushed.  Sometimes we just can’t quite see what is in front of us.  Sometimes we really need someone else believing that we can do something, even when we are beginning to doubt it ourselves.

Sometimes all it takes being surrounded by other goal-driven people who are high-energy, highly positive and highly motivated, in order for us to stay in the driver’s seat of our own lives.  And if the people in our group see us beginning to wane in our commitment, we need them to drag us back and make sure we stay on top of our game.

You can benefit from being a part of a group

Do you have goals that you want to reach? Then you can benefit from a group like this.  Do you have a goal of releasing some extra pounds? Or perhaps you want to set a goal of working out a certain number of hours each week.  Maybe you want to finally get a handle on what you eat, but you aren’t sure where to find the motivation that it takes to break some long ingrained habits. It could be that if you had a group of people counting on you to show up and be strong for them, you might be stronger for yourself.

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