Part of my family

I have been a member for 4+ years, and the gym is a place that I look forward to going to everyday and the people have become part of my family!  Everyone including the staff, teachers, and members are all very welcoming and friendly and no one ever judges you and you know that you are included in a great team, where we are all on the same mission to making a healthier lifestyle change.

Granite Falls staff has always been so wonderful and everyone knows you by name and makes you feel at home.  With Wake Forest being such a melting pot of people from different areas, everyone is welcome here.  You don’t have to worry about wearing makeup, or being the fittest of prettiest in the room, everyone is made to feel equal as soon as they walk in the door.

The KidZone staff is one of the best! When I had my second child, Kinley, I was so excited for her to become 6 weeks old, so that I could start using the gym again, and I was there the day she turned 6 weeks with open and welcoming arms.

Thank you for being one of the best and most positive parts of my life!

~Melissa McCaskill