12 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for the Biggest Chooser!

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Need a reason to get fit and lose weight, that’s NOT about looks or pants size? If you answered YES then continue reading below.

Improves brain function – you think faster, learn more easily and remember more. Why? Aerobic exercise promotes the creation of new brain cells (neurogenesis) which then also protects against diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s

Makes you feel happier and improves self-esteem. Did you know that obesity is associated with a significantly increased risk of depression and other mental illnesses. People with obesity have a 30% higher risk of mental issues, as compared to their normal weigh counterparts. It is suggested that hormonal changes in obesity may trigger mental illness in people with a genetic pre-disposition. If you want a faster boost to your mood, add in some daily activity. Cardio exercise promotes the release of endorphins – chemicals that make us happy and reduce pain. Exercise also reduces cortisol levels to help us de-stress and minimize fat storage.

Protects your heart – losing just 5% of your body weight has a big impact on your risk of heart disease. Cardiovascualar exercise, such as running or cycling most days has been clinically proven to lower cholesterol (particularly LDL or bad cholesterol), lower blood pressure and lower blood glucose levels. Your heart is the body’s most important muscle and needs to exercise too!

Boosts energy – daily activities get easier as you lose those extra pounds.

Breathe easier – Sheading those extra pounds make breathing easier because weigh loss improves blood oxygen transfer efficiency to tissue and muscle cells. So, after losing a few pounds you should start noticing yourself panting less.

Reduces cravings – Studies show that hard exercise (work outs like High Intensity Interval Training – HIIT), Bootcamp or a demanding run, could help you eat less.

Boosts immunity – Research shows that moderate exercise can strengthen the immune system. This means fewer and less severe respiratory infections. Carrying around extra body fat stresses the immune system by stimulating a chronic inflammatory response. Chronic inflammation increases your risk of lifestyle diseases including type 2 diabetes and heart disease, but may also lower your defenses against virus’s like the common cold.

Save money – A 2017 study analyzed the added lifetime cost of being overweight or being obese in America. They looked at direct medical costs, productivity loses and total associated costs for patients at age 20 and 50. Researchers concluded that overweigh and obese people experienced significantly higher costs and productivity loses than normal weigh people at both ages.

Get clearer skin – Regular exercise helps fight Acne breakouts. When you get your blood pumping with regular exercise the increased circulation transports more nutrients and oxygen to the skin with increased transport of waste products away from the skin.

• Sleep better – Studies show that losing weight can improve sleep quality. This includes reducing the occurrence of common complaints like sleep apnea, day-time sleepiness, insomnia, restlessness and frequent waking. While overall weigh loss helped, it was a reduction in belly fat that made the biggest difference.

Protect your joints – Did you know that losing just one pound reduces pressure on your knees by four pounds. Another study shows that losing 11 pounds decreases a woman’s risk of osteoarthritis by 50%, so if you struggle with joint pain, potential relief is one of the most rewarding reasons to lose weight. Excess fat storage triggers a pro-inflammatory response in our bodies. This response can cause joint pain, so reducing this inflammation through weight loss may help reduce joint pain.

Cut cancer risk – Last but not least reducing your risk of cancer is one of the most serious reasons to lose weight. According to the American cancer society, it is estimated that being overweight or obese, is responsible for about 8% of annual cancer cases in the US. Excess body weight increases an individual’s risk for breast, colon, rectal, uterine, esophageal, kidney and pancreatic cancer.

Do any of these facts motivate you to lose weight and increase exercise? If so join our Biggest Chooser competition NOWthe 

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