Share Your Story

February 6th, 2017

We struggle. We climb. We fall. We find solace in a friend…or friends. And it’s all part of the journey.

I started working at Granite Falls in May 2014- my best friend, Erin, had recently started her part-time job here and it seemed like the perfect addition to my stay-at-home mom lifestyle. Just a few hours they said…you’ll love it they said. Oh, wow, were they ever right! (Well, except for the few hours thing…)

As a member, I loved the smiles, the companionship, the sense of family. As an employee, I love this facility for the same three reasons. And the fact that my feelings didn’t change with my title says a lot about this big business in a small town.

When I look around and see the individuals and the families that have made Granite Falls a part of their life, their journey, I see the same three things again- smiles, companionship, and family. And, I want to capture that spirit, that look, and share it with as many people as we can.

So, we got the idea for a photo album- a family scrapbook to show off to our friends here at Granite Falls and to locals who haven’t yet decided to join us. To show that we are truly doing something amazing here- not just the facility, but the people in it.

If you have a story you would like to tell OR know someone else who does, please email me at And, as always, thank YOU for letting us be a part of that story.