Meet Our New Fitness Director – Sarah Roskilly

May 1st, 2019

Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club is proud to announce that Sarah Roskilly has been named as the new Director of Fitness. A personal trainer and group fitness instructor for the past five years at the club, Sarah brings experience and expertise to all areas of fitness. “Wellness is a connection of paths: knowledge and action,” she said. Sarah has been instrumental to the success of the department and will now lead and build upon that success.

Sarah and family relocated to Rolesville from the U.K. seven years ago. There she ran a successful pharmacy business and that experience has prepared her for her new role. We are grateful and excited as Sarah begins a new era in Granite Falls fitness.

On another note, we are also grateful to our departing Fitness Director, Jeremy Buchholz, for his service to the Granite Falls family. Jeremy instituted several new programs including the cutting edge MX4 during his tenure. We wish Jeremy well in his future endeavors.

Please join us in congratulating Sarah and thanking Jeremy as we look forward to continued progress and innovation from the Granite Falls fitness family.