Meet Our New Head Camp Counselor!

May 2nd, 2018


We’re thrilled to bring you Andrew Webb as our new head counselor for the 2018 summer! Andrew is finishing up his freshman year at the University of Tennessee, and is very excited for another sensational season of summer camp! Andrew has been a summer camp counselor since 2016. Along with his experience as a camp counselor, Andrew brings the following qualities to his job performance: initiative, selflessness, positive role modeling, creativity, and resilience. His ability to consistently apply these qualities to work every day are what makes him such an exceptional camp counselor.

Fun Facts About Andrew:

·         His favorite food is Angus Barn steak

·         His favorite candy gummy worms

·         His favorite color is Orange (GO VOLS!)

·         Has had his clavicle and nose broken by a baseball!