February Employee of the Month – Denae Beaudet

February 13th, 2019

Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club is excited to announce our newest Employee of the Month:

Denae Beaudet!

Personal trainer, group fitness instructor, wife and mother, and now certified MX4 coach Denae Beaudet brings it all as this month’s Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club employee of the month.

Denae bases her training philosophy on relationship development and the most important relationship in her life is her faith in God. “My relationship with God sets the tone for every other relationship in my life, “she said. “This relationship shapes my mind, body, and soul and helps me be the best version of myself which allows me to better help others.”

Denae will be married to her husband Dennis for 20 years this June. They have three children: a daughter in her junior year at UNCW and a younger daughter and son attending Wake Forest Charter Academy. She says, “We have been living in Rolesville for 4 ½ years now and we love it.”

From her trainer’s perspective, Denae sums up her world view this way, “In our journeys through life, we are all striving for different things – physical, spiritual, emotional, or professional. But all require focus and self-discipline. I love helping people along their journey see changes and celebrate each success and failure.”

Her motto: Progress not Perfection!

Please join us in congratulating Denae on this honor, and in thanking her for her contributions to Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club.