Explore the Benefits of Personal Training

September 26th, 2018


Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

If you’re trying to decide whether to hire a personal trainer, here are a few key benefits to keep in mind:

Making Each Session Count

Who among us hasn’t started an hour-long workout only to call it quits after 25 minutes when the energy runs out? Motivation is one of the most important elements of a fitness regimen, and it’s also the hardest one to come by. Fortunately, that’s a personal trainer’s forte.

Knowing When to Push and When to Back Off

The old adage “no pain, no gain” has misled many aspiring fitness junkies. It’s true that you need to push past your comfort zone, but if you go too far, you can injure yourself enough completely derail your efforts.

The challenge is knowing where that line is and knowing the difference between good pain and bad pain. A personal trainer has the distinct expertise to help you make maximum progress without hurting yourself.

Targeting Specific Goals

Everyone starts their fitness journey with specific goals in mind. Maybe you want to lose weight, or to improve your performance in recreational sports, or to tone a specific weak area.

Your personal trainer will know exactly what types of exercises to have you do in order to target specific muscles or achieve distinct goals.

Keeping You Consistent

It’s easy to get home from a long day at work and say, “I just don’t have the time for a workout tonight, I’ll skip it.” It’s particularly easy if you’re the only one who will know.

A personal trainer isn’t just a coach but an accountability buddy as well. If you have a training appointment at 6 pm every Tuesday and Thursday, you’re much less likely to cancel it so you don’t inconvenience your trainer.

Teaching You Safe and Effective Form

The next time you’re at the gym, start doing one of your typical exercises but adjust it slightly by placing your feet at a different angle or shifting your weight slightly. It’s incredible what a difference this can make.

Maintaining proper form in each exercise is crucial for both your results and your safety. An experienced personal trainer knows all the tips and tricks to make the most of your workouts.

Making Workouts More Enjoyable

One of the most important weight loss tips is to find a way to enjoy your workout. This is true no matter what your long-term fitness goals are.

Having great company is among the best ways to make your workout more fun. If you hire a personal trainer you get along with well, it’ll make each session more enjoyable, and time flies when you’re having fun.

While it might be setting you up for problems to hire an existing friend as your trainer, it’s great to become close enough to your personal trainer that you actually look forward to each session.

Keeping You from Burning Out

There’s a common story behind a large number of unsuccessful fitness journeys. You’re motivated and ready to kick some butt and take some names, so you start off strong. But you start too strong focus all your time and effort into this one goal. After the first week, you’ve completely exhausted (or even injured) yourself so you throw in the towel, never to pick it up again.

A personal trainer can guide you along your journey, making sure that you make progress without burning out. It’s a lifestyle change, not a short-term bootcamp, and a trainer knows how to achieve this.

Access to More Tools and Equipment

We’ve all seen a great workout we’ve wanted to try but then discovered that it required several tools we didn’t have access to. One of the hidden perks of hiring a personal trainer is that they often have access to a wider arsenal of fitness equipment to bring to your sessions.

Nutritional Guidance

Any health or fitness journey require both a healthy diet and a regular exercise regimen. Few people know that personal trainers are also knowledgeable about nutrition. He or she can help you design meal plans to complement your specific goals and your workout needs.

Motivation to Keep Your Diet on Track

On top of teaching you how to eat right, a personal trainer inadvertently helps you stay on track with your diet as well.

Going off your diet will diminish the results you’ll get from your workout sessions. When you’re putting your hard-earned money into each session by hiring a personal trainer, you’re more likely to take it seriously and avoid backtracking on your results.

The Next Step to Hiring a Personal Trainer

Clearly there’s no shortage of advantages to hiring a personal trainer. If you’re ready to make the move into working with a trainer, Granite Falls has a team of very qualified personal trainers. Contact Fitness Director Jeremy Buchholz for recommendations on who may be a good fit for your fitness goals. You can email Jeremy at jeremy@granitefallsclub.com, or stop by the Fitness Office and introduce yourself.