December Employee of the Month – Mary Moore

We often encounter individuals on our life journey that give us pause. Sometimes these experiences are pleasant some are otherwise. Upon reflection we wonder if that’s the “real” person or just a persona. Then there are those interactions that simply leaves us refreshed and joyful because the individual is completely genuine. Meet one such person, Mary Moore this month’s Granite Falls Employee of the Month.

“I’m privileged to work at the front desk with the Member Experience team,” Mary said in typical humble fashion. The reality is that we are blessed to have such a warm and caring employee taking care of one of the most difficult jobs here at the club. Mary’s life perspective is the cornerstone of her performance. “Thankful!” she exclaimed when asked to verbalize her view. “I see life, family, health, and so much more as a great blessing.”

Mary is happily married to Michael Moore and they have four sons. In addition to her Granite Falls duties, she homeschools, owns a cleaning service, and works part-time at an accounting firm. Like most super moms, Mary has spent a lot of time at family functions such as the boys’ basketball and baseball games.

We believe in the family approach to business at the Falls and Mary personifies this philosophy as well as anyone. We are truly grateful to have her as part of our team. Congratulations Mary.

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