Dash n’ Splash 2K17!

May 23rd, 2017


Timmy: “Moooommmmmm, can we go to the pool today?”
Mom (thinking to herself):  “Today?!?!? We leave for vacation at 0 dark hundred in the morning and he wants me to take him to the pool today???”


Kyle:  “Slam!” “Bang!” “Watch Out!” “You can’t get me!
Dad:  “I love that they are playing together, running around, and not on their devices but I’ve got a very important work call this afternoon. How will I ever be able to work from home this summer without forcing them to stare at a screen just so I can have some uninterrupted, quiet work time?”


Mom:  “Shhh….the baby just fell asleep. We need some quiet time in the house for the next hour or two.”
Laydon:  “Mom, you said having a baby brother would be fun but all we’ve been able to do every afternoon so far this summer is sit around being quiet. That’s not exactly what I call summer vacation.”


Mom:  “No, I don’t want to play Marco Polo again. No, I don’t want to go down the slide again. No, I don’t want to let you dunk me in the pool again. I sure wish she had someone to do all that with. I feel like I’ve been her only pool friend all week long. I’d like a little time to myself to just float around the river.”


Pre-Teen #1:  “Can we get this cereal?”
Pre-Teen #2: “No, it’s my turn to pick.”
Pre-Teen #1: “Yeah, but you know I will only eat non GMO, organic cereals and that, most definitely, isn’t.”
Pre-Teen #2: “Yeah, well, some of us just want a couple marshmallows in our cereal. Is that too much to ask for?”
Pre-Teen #1: “Let me tell you what that marshmallow filled cereal will do to you…..”
Mom“Is it fall yet? I miss going to the grocery store and not having to play referee.”


Any of this sound even a little familiar in the summer? If so, the Youth Programs department is here to help you with our new program – Dash n’ Splash: You dash, kids splash! We invite you to take some time for whatever it is you need while the Splash Squad of the Youth Programs department dive into an afternoon of pool festivities. The Dash n’ Splash program at Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club is open to member children ages 4-12 years of age (all participants must be fully potty trained) and runs Monday-Friday 1:00-4:00 May 30-August 25, excluding Memorial Day and 4th of July. Registration will open the Friday before the start of each week and will be open, if there is space available, until 12:00 PM each day for that particular day. Please click here for more information and program guidelines.