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Halloween in the KidZone

October 17th, 2017

The costumes……so much decision making and money all for a one night event.
The anticipation……having to wait ALL. DAY. LONG. for the big event.
The struggle……wanting to have your kids involved with as much possible fun stuff as he/she can but knowing you HAVE to give time to yourself to get a workout in because, let’s face it, once the kids are in bed, you are going to eat the good stuff. (Hello, Jimmy Kimmel!)
Traditional calendar teacher work day……no words needed.

We, in the KidZone, get it and are here to assist! Let us help you with it all– give that costume more than one use, nix the anticipation by providing a morning trick or treat session, solve the struggle by giving you what you need and the kids what they want, and take some of the teacher work day on a major kid holiday load off. Drop off your kids in the KidZone while you work out for trick or treating around the Club on Halloween day, Tuesday October 31. Along with trick or treating at 9:00, 10:00, and 11:00 we’ll have Halloween themed crafts, games, and stories for all plus the kids will decide which KidZone staff has the best costume of 2017. Don’t forget to have your child(ren) wear their costumes and bring their buckets/bags.

Nights Out for Parents

September 19th, 2017

As much as we love our children, we all know that we need time away from them to spend with our spouse, significant other, and/or friends. Here are some ideas for how you can spend your night on Friday October 13, 2017 while your kids (ages 2-13) are having a blast at Parents’ Night Out (PNO)

First and foremost, before noon on October 13, register your child for Parents’ Night Out. Spaces are limited so don’t delay!

Night Out Idea #1 – State Fair
5:30-5:40 Drop your child(ren) off at Parents’ Night Out at Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club (GFSAC)
5:40-6:30 Drive to and park at the NC State Fair.
6:30-9:30 Eat, go on rides, play games, etc. at the NC State Fair.
9:30-10:00 Drive to GFSAC and pick up your happily exhausted, already in pajamas child(ren)

Night Out Idea #2 – Tribute Band
5:30-5:40 Drop your child(ren) off at Parents’ Night Out at Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club (GFSAC)
5:40-6:30 Drive to and park at North Hills.
6:30-7:00 Grab some food from one of the local restaurants (to go)
7:00-9:30 Enjoy the music of Yachty by Nature at the Friday Night Tribute Series at North Hills while eating the food you grabbed from one of the local restaurants
9:30-10:00 Drive to GFSAC and pick up your happily exhausted, already in pajamas child(ren)


Night Out Idea #3 – High School Football
5:30-5:40 Drop your child(ren) off at Parents’ Night Out at Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club (GFSAC)
5:40-6:40 Catch dinner at a local quick, but not fast food restaurant like the Wake Forest Burger Shop or Charlie’s Kabob
6:40-7:00 Drive to and park at Heritage or Rolesville High School
7:00-9:00 Cheer on one of the local high school football teams at a home game (Heritage High School or Rolesville High School) while reminiscing about your own high school days
9:00-9:45 Enjoy a post game sweet treat at Lumpy’s or Dairy Depot or a cold beverage at Gatehouse Tavern
9:45-10:00 Drive to GFSAC and pick up your happily exhausted, already in pajamas child(ren)

Night Out Idea #4 – Dinner and Art After Hours
5:30-5:40 Drop your child(ren) off at Parents’ Night Out at Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Cl ub (GFSAC)
5:40-9:00 Treat yourself to a leisurely dinner at one of the local restaurants in downtown Wake Forest before, after, or in-between strolling up and down the streets during Art After Hours
9:00-9:45 Enjoy a cup of coffee and a board game or two at Wake Forest Coffee Company
9:45-10:00 Drive to GFSAC and pick up your happily exhausted, already in pajamas child(ren)

Although We’re Not Their Parents…..

August 15th, 2017

…we’ve come to know their looks, their smiles, their laughs, their tired signals, their I’m all done moments. We’ve played with them and cared for them since they were babies, sending them off to others for daycare and preschool, and eventually on to elementary school where we might be lucky enough to get them back for camp, special programs or after school hours. We’ve taught them to take turns, to clean up after themselves, to say goodbye to mom and dad, to use their words, to paint only on the object to be painted (not the table!), to use the potty, to make friends, and to talk to adults.

Although we’re not their parents we love them fiercely, look forward to their smiles, celebrate their first steps, join them in their laughter, and marvel at how much they’ve grown. Although we’re not their parents we sure are amazed by these kids we call ours in the KidZone!

GFSAC Track Out Camp

July 19th, 2017

G Going to camp in the
F Fall makes the goodbye to
S Summer
A Always more
C Comforting.

T – Trading in long, hot days for
R – Rapidly shorter and cooler ones,
A – Amusing games,
C – Crafts,
K – KidzFit, Kids Yoga, and Kids Dance Fitness Funk classes

O – Old friends and new
U – Unite for
T – Three weeks of themed fun

C – Combining water
A – And land activities,
M – Making memories, and
P – Playing at Main Street Park

2017 Fall Track Out Camp is on sale NOW. Register via Online Services.



Come out to our Poolside Benefit Bash this Friday!

June 20th, 2017


This Friday, June 23rd, we will be hosting a charity event from 5-8 pm benefiting head camp counselor Gabe Gonzalez’s fundraising goal for Camp Kesem. At the event, we will have a poolside DJ, Jam ice cream truck, and hot dogs and burger plates for sale with all proceeds benefiting Camp Kesem.  Additionally, camp counselors and other staff will be leading games, crafts, and activities to make it a fun-filled evening for all. We will also be selling raffle tickets, $5 for one or 6 for $25 for a host of amazing prizes such as a FREE week of camp, night of PNO, private swim lesson, birthday party, personal training with our fitness director, and much more!

Camp Kesem is a non-profit organization that gives kids whose parents have or have had cancer a chance to attend a week long overnight camp and get a break from their oftentimes very tough home-life situations. At camp, the campers engage in a host of classic camp activities such as archery, boating, rock climbing, and of course s’mores and campfires. Camp Kesem gives these kids a chance to be linked with others going through a similar situation to form a community of love and support.

Camp Kesem is run entirely by student volunteers and as a counselor, it is their responsibility to raise at least $500, which keeps the cost of the campers to attend camp free. This will be Gabe’s second summer volunteering as a counselor with Camp Kesem UNC-Chapel Hill. Please come out for a fun-filled evening this Friday, June 23rd from 5 – 8 pm and support Gabe.  Raffle tickets can be bought at the event or at the front desk or you can donate directly to his fundraising page.

 Thank you for all your support!


Dash n’ Splash 2K17!

May 23rd, 2017


Timmy: “Moooommmmmm, can we go to the pool today?”
Mom (thinking to herself):  “Today?!?!? We leave for vacation at 0 dark hundred in the morning and he wants me to take him to the pool today???”


Kyle:  “Slam!” “Bang!” “Watch Out!” “You can’t get me!
Dad:  “I love that they are playing together, running around, and not on their devices but I’ve got a very important work call this afternoon. How will I ever be able to work from home this summer without forcing them to stare at a screen just so I can have some uninterrupted, quiet work time?”


Mom:  “Shhh….the baby just fell asleep. We need some quiet time in the house for the next hour or two.”
Laydon:  “Mom, you said having a baby brother would be fun but all we’ve been able to do every afternoon so far this summer is sit around being quiet. That’s not exactly what I call summer vacation.”


Mom:  “No, I don’t want to play Marco Polo again. No, I don’t want to go down the slide again. No, I don’t want to let you dunk me in the pool again. I sure wish she had someone to do all that with. I feel like I’ve been her only pool friend all week long. I’d like a little time to myself to just float around the river.”


Pre-Teen #1:  “Can we get this cereal?”
Pre-Teen #2: “No, it’s my turn to pick.”
Pre-Teen #1: “Yeah, but you know I will only eat non GMO, organic cereals and that, most definitely, isn’t.”
Pre-Teen #2: “Yeah, well, some of us just want a couple marshmallows in our cereal. Is that too much to ask for?”
Pre-Teen #1: “Let me tell you what that marshmallow filled cereal will do to you…..”
Mom“Is it fall yet? I miss going to the grocery store and not having to play referee.”


Any of this sound even a little familiar in the summer? If so, the Youth Programs department is here to help you with our new program – Dash n’ Splash: You dash, kids splash! We invite you to take some time for whatever it is you need while the Splash Squad of the Youth Programs department dive into an afternoon of pool festivities. The Dash n’ Splash program at Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club is open to member children ages 4-12 years of age (all participants must be fully potty trained) and runs Monday-Friday 1:00-4:00 May 30-August 25, excluding Memorial Day and 4th of July. Registration will open the Friday before the start of each week and will be open, if there is space available, until 12:00 PM each day for that particular day. Please click here for more information and program guidelines.





GF4 Summer Camp – saving parents from “I’m Bored” every single day

April 25th, 2017

WCPSS traditional calendar students get out of school on June 9 and don’t return until August 28 — 11 whole weeks off from the routine and structure of school.  Preschoolers typically get out even earlier than that, leaving active 4 and young 5 year olds with a solid 12-13 weeks off from their weekly habits.

If you haven’t already thought about it, now is the time to seriously begin thinking about what all your kid is going to do this summer.  Unstructured play is incredibly high on the list of things that should happen in the summer but the world we live in and/or the restrictions put in place by the demands of adult life make that a less viable option.  That’s where the Camps at Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club, particularly our GF4 Summer Camp, come in to help!

GF4 is short for Granite Falls Fitness, Fun and Friends, and just like the name suggests, our half-day and full-day summer camp sessions will be fitness, fun, and friendship focused.  Each week campers will enjoy a variety of fitness experiences, including special exercise classes such as Zumba Kids, KidzYoga, and KidzFit, and activities with friends – all centered around a fun weekly theme.  Every day will include swim lessons and recreational swim time as well!  At Granite Falls, we understand the need to let loose and have fun in the summer.  We enjoy getting messy, breaking into dance, crafting it up, and splashing as much as we can in our various pools.  The best of friendships are made at camp where campers feel relaxed, at ease, and able to let their genuine self out.  Campers can’t wait to come back and see their camp friends, especially those in year round schools who get the opportunity to come back to camp each season.  All of our counselors can tell you that camp friends often become BEST friends.

In fact, it is those friendships and the special, magical world of summer camp that brought one of longtime favorites, Mr. Gabe, back for his sixth camp season at GF4 Summer Camp.  He decided to enjoy one last summer with some of his favorite kids before starting his senior year at UNC this fall.  We are beyond lucky to have him with us once again.

GF4 half-day and full-day summer camps are for members and non-members ages 4 – 11. However, four year olds may only attend the half-day camps.  Register today and let us help your kids make fantastic memories this summer!

KidZone Clean Up

March 21st, 2017

It always amazes the KidZone staff and me, just how quickly a group of kids can pull out, try out, play with (even chew on) almost every bin of toys we have in two hours or less.  It is often evidence of a good time of play to see toys strewn about but it can also be both a safety hazard and an opportunity for kids of all ages to learn about taking care of things. 

The KidZone kids start learning from the time they begin to walk to take care of the stuff in the KidZone.  We have bins labeled with pictures of which toys go in them and we get all of the kids involved in putting those toys away, usually before they move on to a new toy.  That doesn’t always happen, though, so near the end of each class hour we typically do a “Moms and Dads are almost here” clean up.  Our one year olds tend to get confused by the sudden dash of clean up madness going on around them so we tend to give them one or two specific toys to put in each hand and then point them directly to the bin it goes in, repeating what we are doing (clean up time), what they are holding (Mega Blok), and where it is going (white bin) many times.  Repetition is so important for learning at this age. 

Then, when they place their one or two toys in, we give them a big clap and cheer, saying, “Great job putting your toys away!”  Usually, they are just so excited to see us doing something they recognize…clapping…that they clap at themselves, too. 

Our two year old friends can follow simple instructions, but it works best if we model the clean up process by cleaning up alongside them and talking about what we are doing as we do it.  We tend to make the task simple and fun for them.  For example, we may turn our hand into a crane which must be released by a simple push of the invisible button on our hand to drop down, pick up toys, move over to the toy bin, and, finally, drop toys into the bin.  Of course, this must be done while making appropriate construction truck sounds or it just won’t be as effective. 

Three year olds tend to remember where toys go and can stick with a task as long as we are there to guide them if they get a little distracted (a distracted three year old???  What???) They delight in showing us what they can do all on their own.  Like our two year olds, we’ll sometimes play games with the clean up process, like putting a toy in the wrong place and asking the kids if where we put it is where it belongs.  They find this to be very funny and love showing us the proper place or keep, laughingly, saying “no”, until we finally get it in the right bin. 

The four year olds have often been with us for several years already, know the routine, and can clean up quickly.  They’re good at sorting and finding where toys belong, as well as helping their younger friends and siblings, or kids who are newer.  They also like trying to beat a timer, especially when we “show doubt” about their ability to do so!  🙂 

By age five, most kids have gotten the clean up process down and quickly comply with it when we ask.  Of course, that is the magic age of video games in the KidZone (a blog post for another day) so there isn’t as much toy playing going on anyway.  

The items in the KidZone belong to all of the kids so it is important to instill a sense of ownership and pride in taking care of them.  Not every trick or tip for cleaning up works with every kid but, if you’re trying to get your child to clean up at home, you might just try reminding them of what a good job they do in cleaning up in the KidZone and how you would love to see them do the same at home.  They just might even sing the Barney Clean Up Song for you….

Need more ideas?  Check out some of these useful tips:

How to Get Kids to Clean Up After Play

8 Ways to Get Your Kids to Start Cleaning Up After Themselves

Ask the Parent Coach: 8 Ways to Teach Your Kids to Clean Up


Susan Bayer, GFSAC Youth Programs Director


It’s great to be a KID at Granite Falls!

February 21st, 2017


 Smiling faces, lots of laughter, and epic video game contests!  All of these things, and so much more, can be found daily in the KidZone.  The KidZone team is fortunate to be able to hang out with some of the coolest kids around – our members’ kids.  We are blessed to get to spend hours upon hours with them, watching many of them grow from babies to preschoolers and all the way to elementary aged kids.  The fortunate part about spending so many hours together is forming strong connections with the kids and watching them connect and build friendships with each other.  This year we have decided to add a couple of extra things to the KidZone experience in order to help deepen those connections among the kids and, by extension, their parents.  While we have always provided crafts and fun experiences for the kids, each month we are having specialty days where we have just a little more fun, add just a bit more to our games, and promote an exciting KidZone day for the kids to look forward to.  So far we have had an Indoor Snowball Fight in January and a Valentine’s Day party in February.  We are next looking forward to our Wearin’ of the Green Day on St. Patrick’s Day, Friday, March 17.  Each of these special days are advertised at the KidZone check in station, just outside the KidZone door where the names of the KidZone staff on duty are listed, and highlighted on social media as well as weekly email updates. 


One of the other initiatives we are starting this Spring is a KidZone sponsored Play Date at the Rolesville Main Street Park.  Beginning on Wednesday March 22nd and going forward each Wednesday until the outdoor pool opens, the Youth Programs Director, Susan Bayer, and/or another KidZone staff member hopes to hang out with your kids and you at the park.  You do not have to be currently using KidZone to join us.  All are welcome!  We’ll bring fun items for the kids to play with – chalk, bubbles, jump ropes, etc. – and all you have to bring are your kids!  This will be an opportunity for your kids to hang out with their KidZone friends outside of our four walls, for parents to get to meet their kids’ KidZone friends, and for you all to get to know any KidZone staff who are present a little bit more.  Please note, this is not a drop off event.  The KidZone is simply sponsoring and being a point person.  A parent/guardian must be present. 



We hope you enjoy all of the new things we have in place for our youngest members!