KidZone Summer Season Reminders

May 23rd, 2019

As we enter into our summer season at Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club, we’d like to remind all of our KidZone participants of a couple of things:

– IF YOU DON’T HAVE A KIDZONE AUTODRAFT PACKAGE ALREADY SET UP, A KIDZONE STAFF MEMBER WILL EITHER SET YOU UP AND CHARGE YOU FOR A CURRENT PRORATED MONTH’S PACKAGE OR CHARGE YOU THE SINGLE VISIT PER KID RATE USING THE CREDIT CARD YOU HAVE ON FILE WITH US. Please let the staff know which you’d prefer.  For those who DO NOT have a card on file or who wish to pay with cash, you will need to stop by the front desk to take care of payment BEFORE checking your child out at KidZone.

– Children cannot be placed into the KidZone while you are at the outdoor pool area unless you are taking an Aquatics Class while your child is in the KidZone. The KidZone is not for your use while you are sunbathing, swimming, or socializing in any way at the outdoor pool

– Please remember to put a regular diaper or pull up on non-potty trained children.  Although many of you will be going to the pool after working out, we ask that non-potty trained children do not come to the KidZone wearing swim diapers as they do not hold in urine.

– Also, please remember that all infants/toddlers need to wear socks and/or shoes while visiting the KidZone.

– It is important to wear safe and appropriate shoes in the KidZone. Remember that flip flops may be more difficult/dangerous for your child when they are playing.

– In addition, we encourage you to change your child(ren) into swimsuits after leaving the KidZone as many suits are harder for children to manage on their own when visiting the bathroom, and can present a challenge for us helping kids with toileting as well.

Counselor Spotlight: The O’Reilly Twins

May 23rd, 2019

Meet the O’Reilly twins and see what they have been up this year and why they are excited to be back this summer for our 2019 Summer Camp

Madeline O’Reilly


What has she been up to since summer camp ended last year?
Madeline is a junior at Wake Early College of Health Sciences and has been doing her fair share of volunteer work as well. She volunteers as a Guest Ambassador at Wake Med, she also volunteers for Habitat for Humanity, American Red Cross. On top of her volunteer work she is also the member of a couple of school clubs; Madeline is the Vice President of HOSA which is an international student organization recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Education (HSE) Division of ACTE. In addition to being the VP of HOSA at her school, she is also the VP of Student Government.

What is Madeline’s favorite part of camp and why is she excited for this summer?
Madeline loves to watch the campers grow up through the summer and throughout the year as she is a KidZone shift leader during the off season from summer. She “literally” loves everything about summer camp and working closely with the campers.

Favorite Camp Song: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Herman the Worm

Favorite Camp Theme: Color Wars

Hobbies: Soccer, school clubs, and Granite Falls

Career/life Goals: Medical school and eventually Emergency Medicine



Michael O’Reilly

What has Michael been up to this year?
Like his twin sister Michael does plenty of volunteer work and is also a member of clubs at his school. He is a junior at Rolesville High School and is a member of FFA (Future Farmers of America) and Key Club. He also volunteers for Habitat for Humanity in his free time. During the off-season from summer camp you can also find Michael working in the KidZone.

What is his favorite part of camp?
Michael is a big fan of the atmosphere and the energy the kids bring to camp every day. His main goal for summer camp is to give the campers the best summer they could ever have while making them laugh and smile. He also strives to make a positive impact and be a positive role model for the campers.

Favorite Camp Song: Tarzan

Favorite Camp Theme: Color Wars

Fun Fact: He likes to catch big fish

Career/life Goals: Michael’s lifelong dream has been to become a firefighter. He states that if firefighting does not work, he would aim to be an astronaut, police officer, a spy, or a teacher.

Granite Falls Run Club Races at the Celebrate Your Mother 5K

May 16th, 2019

One of the “hidden gems” of the Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club program offerings are the impressive run clubs. Spearheaded by long-time coach Janice Hirsch, the Granite Falls runners take a back seat to no one. From beginner to accomplished competitor, there is a place for everyone who desires fun, motivation, and social interaction.

Among the offerings here at the club are: The Run Club, Coach to 5K, and Kid’s Run Club. This past weekend, our youth team participated in the “Celebrate Your Mother 5K” held in Wake Forest. Not only did the team run with great result (see below), they came away with an award plaque for the Largest Registered Group.

8 yrs old and under

Female – Rylie Cibella 2nd place

Male – Torben Atwater 1st place

Ethan Walker 3rd place

9-11 yrs old

Female – Maree Perfitt 3rd place

Male – Zaden Perfitt 1st place

Owen Dembouski 2nd place

Scott Jones 3rd place

15-19 yrs old

Female –  Danielle Hirsch 1st place

50 -59 yrs old

Female –  Beth Pursley 1st place

Congratulations to Coach Hirsch and this great group of young runners (including Miss Beth!). You make all of here at the Falls proud!



May Employee of the Month – Sophia Simmons

May 16th, 2019

Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club is excited to announce our newest Employee of the Month Sophia Simmons!

What can you say about a young person whose approach to life and achievement begins with the quote, “The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.”? Meet Sophia Simmons, this month’s Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club Employee of the Month.

Sophia has only been with the team for five months, but in that time has proven her versatility and acumen. She works in the Kid Zone twice a week and is a regular at the highly popular and successful Parent’s Night Out. This summer she’ll be joining the camp staff as a full-time counselor.

Leadership comes naturally to Sophia. A runner and competitive dancer, she currently interns at Jones Dairy Elementary and Wake Forest High School in the Special Education Department. Sophia also in the North Carolina Youth and Government leadership program as well as the Unified Champions.

Granite Falls is blessed to have a wonderful group of outstanding young people serving their community. In Sophia Simmons, we have an emerging leader as well. Congratulations Sophia and let’s have a great Summer!

Meet Our New Fitness Director – Sarah Roskilly

May 1st, 2019

Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club is proud to announce that Sarah Roskilly has been named as the new Director of Fitness. A personal trainer and group fitness instructor for the past five years at the club, Sarah brings experience and expertise to all areas of fitness. “Wellness is a connection of paths: knowledge and action,” she said. Sarah has been instrumental to the success of the department and will now lead and build upon that success.

Sarah and family relocated to Rolesville from the U.K. seven years ago. There she ran a successful pharmacy business and that experience has prepared her for her new role. We are grateful and excited as Sarah begins a new era in Granite Falls fitness.

On another note, we are also grateful to our departing Fitness Director, Jeremy Buchholz, for his service to the Granite Falls family. Jeremy instituted several new programs including the cutting edge MX4 during his tenure. We wish Jeremy well in his future endeavors.

Please join us in congratulating Sarah and thanking Jeremy as we look forward to continued progress and innovation from the Granite Falls fitness family.