The Power of Joining a Group!

December 12th, 2018

Groups In Order to Achieve

According to Napoleon Hill, author of international best seller Think and Grow Rich, in order for a group of people to be successful in reaching a goal, the group needs to:

  1. utilize a coordination of knowledge and effort,
  2. in a spirit of harmony,
  3. between two or more people,
  4. for the attainment of a definite purpose.

Basically, a powerful group is a group of people who communicate regularly with each other for the purpose of helping each other reach their goals. This type of group can be powerful in many areas including business, community, and even fitness.

What are the features of a successful group?

While every goal-oriented group will have its own individual characteristics, there are some elements that should be present in order for the group to function at the highest level possible.  These include:

  • A leader.  A leader is an essential ingredient for a successful group.  Without someone to provide direction and keep the session in line with the agenda, much time could be wasted.  This person may also provide individual coaching for members outside of the group sessions.
  • Member commitment. Because a group is only as strong as its members, participants must be committed to being active in the group.  The success of a group depends on the willingness of each member to work hard not only on his own individual goals, but also on the goals of the other members.
  • Cost.  Truly successful groups require members to pay a fee to participate.  The value of this feature is rooted in the fact that people tend to value what they have invested themselves in.  The old cliché, ‘You don’t get something for nothing,’ rings true.  When members must pay a fee for the privilege of participating in a group, they are likely to take it more seriously.

Why do groups work so well?

When highly motivated people join together to reach goals and make things happen, the result is often an up-leveling of success for everyone.  Members are not just relying on their own ideas or internal motivation.  When making themselves vulnerable to the group, members are subjecting themself to other ideas, motivations and accountability.

The member’s individual goals become their team’s goals.  And the team’s goals become the individual’s goals.  We all know that sometimes we need to be pushed.  Sometimes we just can’t quite see what is in front of us.  Sometimes we really need someone else believing that we can do something, even when we are beginning to doubt it ourselves.

Sometimes all it takes being surrounded by other goal-driven people who are high-energy, highly positive and highly motivated, in order for us to stay in the driver’s seat of our own lives.  And if the people in our group see us beginning to wane in our commitment, we need them to drag us back and make sure we stay on top of our game.

You can benefit from being a part of a group

Do you have goals that you want to reach? Then you can benefit from a group like this.  Do you have a goal of releasing some extra pounds? Or perhaps you want to set a goal of working out a certain number of hours each week.  Maybe you want to finally get a handle on what you eat, but you aren’t sure where to find the motivation that it takes to break some long ingrained habits. It could be that if you had a group of people counting on you to show up and be strong for them, you might be stronger for yourself.

A perfect place to try out the benefits of a group like this is in our 2019 Biggest Chooser Challenge!  All the essential elements are there waiting for you! Registration is open through January 8, 2019, but groups are filling up fast. Make it a point to harness the power of this decades-old success principal and register today!

Makos Swimmer Evan Wilkerson Breaks Another American Record!

December 6th, 2018


Evan Wilkerson, a member of the Granite Falls Makos does it again and breaks his second American Record!  At the age of 12, Evan holds two Paralympic Swimming American Records.  In October of this year Evan achieved his first ever American Record in the 50 yard breaststroke, with a time of 48.49.  On December 1st 2018, he broke his second American Record in the 100 yard breaststroke.  Evan destroyed the previous 2012 record by over two seconds, with a time of 1:46.90.  Congratulations Evan!!

Meet Our New Group Fitness Instructor – Betsy Moore

December 5th, 2018

For over 8 years, Betsy Moore has been a familiar face at Granite Falls Athletic Club.  She has been a participant in a variety of classes and we are excited to be able to announce that she will now joining the team as an instructor!  Betsy will be teaching cycling and several other classes beginning in December.  She is very excited about this new journey.

Betsy has always been an exercise enthusiast by running and attending both cardio and muscle fitness classes here at Granite Falls.  She thrives on working with others and getting energy from group instruction.  She states that, “being able for her to share this joy as an instructor is a natural progression”.

Betsy is also an elementary school teacher working with students in grades K-5.  She loves her job and working with kids as every day is exciting and new.  Adding the role of fitness instructor helps her be a role model for her students and demonstrate what it means to have a healthy, active lifestyle.

In Betsy’s spare time, she loves spending time with her son, Wilson, and cheering him on in a variety of sports.  She is also very active in her church as a youth advocate and member of both the handbell and chancel choir.  Betsy is a North Carolina native and comes from a big family.  If she is not cheering on her East Carolina Pirates, she is watching  other hometown teams, whether it be football or basketball.  You can also find her spending time with her extended family, as well.

Be sure to welcome Betsy in her new role as you see her in the club, and be sure to attend some of her classes!

Biggest Chooser 2019

December 4th, 2018


What is the Biggest Chooser Challenge?

If you’re looking for motivation and results, look no further. This 12 week, team-based weight loss challenge includes initial and final team weigh-ins/measurements and 10 weeks of 60 minute team workouts/weigh-ins. Teams will be built based on similar workout availability and results will be assessed weekly based on the percentage of total weight loss. Are you ready for the challenge?

Cost & Conditions:

  • Over $450 worth of services for a one-time fee of $149 members (Early Bird Registration is $125 for members!) $179 non-members
  • Members will receive $25 off for each non-member referral!
  • Registration is extremely LIMITED for this challenge. This year’s teams will include ONLY 10-12 participants for an optimum trainer-client ratio.
  • Register by workout day and time on a first come first served basis. After registration closes, we may ask you to consider switching group times to balance out team sizes.
  • Please check for KidZone availability during your group’s workout time. KidZone regular hours and rates will apply.

Important Dates:

  • November 30, 2018 – December 14, 2018 – Early Bird Registration.*For members only ($125)
  • December 15, 2018 – January 8 – Regular Registration($149 Member – $179 Non-member)
  • Jan 12 – Challenge Kick Off Party 6:00-7:00pm – Group Fitness Room
  • January 13 -19 – Initial team measurements, weigh-ins and meetings
  • March 30 – Challenge Ends
  • March 30 – April 5 – Final team measurements and weigh-ins
  • April 5 – Finale CELEBRATION and AWARDS 6:00-7:00p

How will The Biggest Chooser Challenge help you lose?

You will be assigned a trainer/coach for this journey who will provide you ALL of the following:

  1. WEEKLY hands-on team workouts and weigh-ins.
  2. Initial and final BMI, Body Fat and measurements taken.
  3. An exercise prescription including Group Fitness classes and 4 independent workout programs.
  4. A weekly newsletter e-mailed with advice, Stars of the Week, and Team results.
  5. An optional workout/accountability partner.
  6. A team t-shirt to represent your crew.
  7. Optional $40 upgrade for individual consult with our nutritionist, Lori Ragsdale RD, LDN.
  8. Weekly team e-mails and a closed team FB group to keep your motivation high.
  9. Access to your trainer outside your workouts to discuss concerns or questions and find extra motivation.
  10. Suggestions, and/or articles that will help you throughout the challenge.
  11. THE BEST CHEERLEADER you could ever ask for! Your team routing for you and the expertise of a Professional Personal Trainer to help you personally achieve!

More Specifics….

  1. Swag bag for all registrants to be given out at the Kick Off Party!
  2. The winning team is the one that loses the largest total combined percentage of weight.
  3. Weekly Weight-Ins: You will weigh in before your workout, by our front desk team. The start time is 15 minutes before your workout begins to allow time for all weigh ins.
  4. Teams are limited to 12 members.
  5. Valuable upgrade option to receive nutritional counseling from a registered and licensed dietitian.
  6. Interactive closed Facebook Group for each team for the Challenge.
  7. Weekly e-mail newsletter to all participants.
  8. Bigger Prize packages for the winning team members, including awesome personalized gym swag, FREE personal training sessions, and much MORE!
  9. We have a couple surprises planned for you as well! You’ll just have to wait and see!

What does the winning team receive?

The following prizes valued at well over $400.00 will be awarded to each winning team member!

  • Biggest Chooser Winner’s Medal!
  • Personalized “WINNER” Granite Falls Backpack filled with fitness swag!
  • 4 FREE Personal Training Sessions! ($240 VALUE!)
  • Two anytime guest passes. (will be added to members acct)
  • Two free BMI and Body Fat Assessments to ensure you stay on the right track.
  • Discounted small group training (10% off)! (Must be used before June 1, 2019.)

Register today for the Biggest Chooser! Sign Up HERE

Mercy for America’s Children

November 29th, 2018

Dear Members,

Please read the blog from our member partner Mercy for America’s children. We join them in requesting your support this holiday season. Thanks as always for your kind generosity. Your gifts do make a difference.

The Holidays are often a time filled with joy and laughter for so many. Although it is hard to think about, we are also surrounded by many who struggle with a lack of resources and tremendous emotional pain brought on by the holiday season. We have over 10,000 children in our foster care system here in North Carolina. For many of the children who are in the system by no fault of their own, the holidays can be a very difficult time. Not only are they missing the love of a permanent family to care for them, but many are also missing many needed resources. Perhaps the most vulnerable among this group are the teens who are nearing adulthood and will likely be on their own at the age of eighteen. One simple, but meaningful way that we can show these children and young adults that we care is to help them meet some of their basic needs through a donation of gift cards to purchase gasoline, clothing, and food. Mercy for America’s Children strives each year to meet the growing needs around us through a collection of cards to be disbursed to those in need. Please consider helping in this meaningful way this Christmas. Thank you for showing the children in our local community that you care.

Some Suggested Gift Cards:  Visa Gift Cards to be used anywhere

  • Gas Cards
  • Gift cards to any grocery store
  • Clothing Stores (Kohls, Target, Hollister, American Eagle)

Visit Mercy for America’s Children website HERE