New Equipment is Here!!!

February 6th, 2019

Monday was a busy day at Granite Falls as we received all our new Matrix bikes for the cycle studio as well as the exciting new MX4 Connexus system! The bikes are up and spinning and the MX4 is installed and ready to go! Our trainers will be getting certifications this weekend and MX4 Small Group Training will begin next Monday! Oh yeah, we also want to mention the brand new Matrix Rower upstairs on the Fitness Floor! Enjoy!

Biggest Chooser Update – Week Two

February 6th, 2019



Now that the boring football game just played (I can’t remember what they call it) and the season are over, we can all turn to the real national pastime – Granite Falls Biggest Chooser competition. We definitely had some movement in this week’s rankings and I’m not just talking about the workouts. So far 722 pounds have been lost (please don’t bother to look for them).

Here are your current power rankings (based on whim and agitation)

  1. Yellow – Captained by Shannon Whalen, the Yellow team fell to number two in the standing this week, but I kept them in the number one spot just to aggravate coach Phillip.
  2. Charcoal – Charcoal? Really? That’s the best color you could come up with? Charcoal? Anyway, Coach Williams did vault into the top spot in the standings this week, signaling they are back and are a force to be reckoned with – but charcoal?
  3. Orange – Now that’s a color! Bright, energetic, rhymes with … oh never mind. Coach Aubrey’s team is always on point and look to be in a solid position to contend for the title.
  4. Kelly Green – I wanted to put this team first because, well let’s face it Kelly Green is the color of the Eagles’ awesome throw-back jerseys. Nonetheless, Team Danae is on the move and should be a factor come April.
  5. Sand – Sand!? Don’t get me started. Coach Josh may be color blind, we’re not sure. I do know that this team is motivated and have been promised a trip to the beach if they win to see some … sand.

Best of the Rest – remember it is very early and last year’s winner came from dead last to take it all:

Navy Blue, Olive Green, Crimson, Black, Steel Blue, Turquoise

(Now those are colors!)

Coming Soon MX4 Small Group Training Program!

January 31st, 2019

Granite Falls Club is excited about introducing the New MX4 Small Group Training Program! The new program promises an inspiring group environment to maximize results.

The MX4 system features best-in-class training tools along with original workouts direct from Matrix Fitness. This new program will be appropriate for people of all fitness levels who want to improve their cardio, power, strength and endurance in a motivating environment that provides equal parts camaraderie and accountability.

“MX4 is a modern fitness solution for just about everyone,” says Jeremy Buchholz, Granite Falls Fitness Director. “Whether you’re looking to sheda few pounds, improve performance or just become more fit overall, MX4 can help you achieve it using a proven scientific approach. It’s going to save you time and get you visible results! Everyone in the group gets plenty of personal attention from the trainer, and the team environment will motivate members to keep coming back for more.”

MX4 Small Group Training combines a variety of unique training tools including a functional training system with rebound walls, landmines, ropes, TRX, and more. There are even rowing machines added to these circuits to help everyone from beginners to elite athletes maximize their results.

Diverse, progressive workouts keep sessions fresh and engaging while helping everyone improve every aspect of their fitness. Since each 30-minute session is limited to 8 – 10 participants, members can count on plenty of one-on-one time with a trainer who will help tailor the program and exercises to their individual ability levels and goals. Ultimately, this blend of equipment, programming and personnel will help participants take advantage of the benefits of a personal training service in a focused, group environment.

Free MX4 Small Group Training sessions will be open for sign up beginning Monday, February 11th, with sessions expected to fill up quickly. For more information and to find out how to sign up for an MX4 Small Group Training session, visit the Granite Falls website or inquire at the front desk.

Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club and the Granite Falls Fitness Department are committed to your wellness and we are implementing the newest, most cutting edge fitness programs and equipment to help you reach all your goals.

Biggest Chooser Update – Week One

January 31st, 2019

Week one of the Granite Falls Biggest Chooser competition is in the books and Team Yellow is your early leader. Captain Shannon Whalen is implementing a “be a doer not a talker” philosophy with her group. “My team is very motivated”, she said. “I have asked them to identify their ‘why’. This led to our first week’s success.”

Shannon attacked the program through a common-sense nutritional approach and good old-fashioned hard work. She has encouraged her participants to “choose a diet that works for them and stick with it”. The hard work comes in during the high intensity interval training. Coach Whalen is taking a tough love approach regarding her workouts.

The team is keeping in touch through social media, lending support and encouragement. “Our last message was you can and you will”, Whalen related. “I want to let them know I believe in them.” Don’t be surprised if you hear the “Let’s go Yellow” cheer from the gym floor in the coming weeks. A team on a mission can be hard to beat.


January Employee of the Month – Latrice Harris

January 17th, 2019

Working with children, as we all know, requires a special skill set and a heavy dose of patience and love. Meet the embodiment of all of these attributes in this month’s Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club Employee of the Month – Latrice Harris.

Latrice brings it all to her role as the morning shift leader in the Kid Zone. An eight-year veteran here at GFSAC, Latrice is a mother, a teacher, and the youngest of seven children. She not only brings expertise her team, she has the understanding to ensure the Kid Zone experience is a fantastic one. “I love not only interacting with the children, but the parents as well” she says. This ability to build relationships is the foundation of her success.

Born in upstate New York and (as previously mentioned) the youngest of seven children, Latrice and her husband Chris have three children of their own. “I love spending time with my family and friends, traveling, reading, and inspiring young people” she said. Latrice is also the proud owner of her own independent tutoring business which brings out the teacher’s heart in her.

Youth Programs Director Brandon Metzel had this to say about Latrice. “Latrice is one of the greatest assets to the Kid Zone. Her abilities, contributions, leadership, and integrity are an important key to the success of the Kid Zone. She is the face that the kids want to see every morning and I am very thankful she is a part of the Youth Programs team.’

Latrice sums up her empowering perspective perfectly, “Working at Granite Falls has been a true blessing,” she says. “From the kids who come in and get excited about craft time, the parents who leave with kind words, to the co-workers who make me laugh on a regular basis, I’m thankful.”

Please join us in congratulating this month’s Employee of the Month – Latrice Harris!