September Employee of the Month – Stephanie Mitchell

September 18th, 2019

Three-year Granite Falls Swim and Athletic club veteran Stefanie Mitchell brings a unique and appreciated gift to the club’s Member Experience team. As a manger and front desk staffer, Stefanie displays a calmness and professionalism that rubs off on her fellow employees and members alike. In fact, Stefanie has a very simply and direct motto that she lives by: “Be kind.”  Indeed, Stefanie lives out her approach and as such is honored as our Employee of the Month for September.

When she is not making sure everything is running smoothly at the club, Stefanie enjoys spending time with her husband Moses and their two boys. “We like to travel and go camping with friends,” she said. An avid reader, Stefanie says” A book is never too far away.” She also loves making candles for others.

Granite Falls is truly fortunate to have a staff member like Stefanie. She makes everyone around her better and that is the measure of a quality teammate. Please join me in congratulating Stefanie Mitchell our Employee of the Month.

Please join us in congratulating Stefanie on this honor, and in thanking her for her contributions to Granite Falls Swim and Athletic Club.

Lap Swimming & Lane Etiquette

August 15th, 2019


1) If there’s an empty lane, swim in it.

No matter how fast or slow a swimmer you are, always take an empty lane if one is available. However, in some situations it makes more sense to share a speed-designated lane while leaving a different speed lane free. This way, if a swimmer arrives shortly afterward who needs the other speed-designated lane, they will get it, and the order imposed by the pool will be functioning properly.

2) If there isn’t an empty lane, make it known that you’re entering.

Trying to make eye contact with a swimmer in the middle of a long set is not the right approach. Forget the niceties of dry land. Hop down on your butt and dangle both legs into the lane, off to the side near the rope. If the swimmer doesn’t acknowledge your existence by moving to one side after a lap or two, get all the way into the water and stand in the corner of the lane. You can start swimming after they’ve come to the wall.

3) If the other swimmer is faster than you, don’t push off in front of them.

Faster swimmers have priority in shared lanes. It isn’t done to award athletic prowess, but rather to make the workout safer and more efficient for everyone involved. Pushing off in front of faster swimmers will inconvenience everyone, including yourself. Always wait for faster swimmers to turn or stop, then push off. However, don’t follow a fast swimmer too closely behind all the way to the wall, as they may accidentally collide with you after a flip turn.

4) If more than two people are in a lane, swim in a circular pattern.

Many pools will have signs enforcing this rule. In order to avoid collisions, you must swim in either a clockwise or counterclockwise pattern when more than three people are sharing a lane.

5) If a swimmer taps your foot, they’re not flirting — they want to pass.

When your feet get tapped, don’t be alarmed or embarrassed. Simply pull into the corner of the lane when you reach the wall so the swimmer behind you can pass. If they pass before the wall, get as close to the rope as you can and slow down, but you don’t need to stop. Don’t speed up while being passed. If you get passed twice by the same person, consider moving to a slower lane.

6) Stay away from the center of the wall when taking a rest.

It’s perfectly acceptable to take a rest at the wall on either end of the pool whenever you feel the need, just be sure to stay clear of the center of the wall if you’re sharing the lane. Give the active swimmers as much room as possible to turn. When you’re ready to start swimming again, always yield to swimmers who are in motion.

7) Avoid wide strokes in crowded lap pools.

In a busy lap lane avoid doing the butterfly and the breaststroke. Only do backstrokes if you’re confident you can keep up the pace of the lane, and you have enough control to swim in a straight line and not turn into oncoming traffic. If you’re an extremely experienced swimmer and have excellent control of your butterfly, be courteous and tell the others in your lane that you’re going to do it before you begin.

8) Be considerate of your lane partners if your workout includes intervals.

Workouts that vary in intensity are beneficial to your training, but intervals can be disruptive in crowded lap lanes. Sudden increases in your pace will throw off your lane partners, and confuse people who try to uphold the unwritten “let faster swimmers pass” rule. Feel it out. If it seems like a fast interval will disturb your lane partners, consider moving to a faster lane. Another option is to modify your intervals so they don’t interfere with the others.

9) Just be nice.

The beautiful thing about politeness is the simplicity. The unwritten rules of the lap pool are somewhat complex, and it’s easy to forget something — especially when your heart is racing, your goggles are fogged, and you’re trying your hardest not to drown. The simple act of always being nice to your fellow swimmers, regardless of their ability, is the only rule you truly need to follow.

Meet Cheryl Wills – Granite Falls Newest Personal Trainer

August 15th, 2019

Meet Cheryl Wills, Granite Falls newest personal trainer. Cheryl grew up in England and Ireland and her family moved to Wake Forest 16 years ago from California. She became part of the Granite Falls family as a member in 2013 and joined the employee team in 2014.

Since then Cheryl has discovered a passion for fitness and healthy living and is excited to share her journey to wellness with others.

Cheryl is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She is also certified in Aquatic fitness, youth yoga and is a senior fitness specialist. Cheryl has grown the aquatics fitness department at Granite Falls and is always excited to see new faces become regulars in her classes. Her newest venture is her Aqua Boot Camp small group training where members get to train with the benefits of both dry land and water fitness combined in one hour.

Cheryl says “As I continue to pursue my fitness goals and strive to live my best life ever, I look forward to helping others step out of their comfort zone and achieve their own personal best. Changes don’t happen from staying comfortable, and my journey to inner and outer happiness is proof of that.”

Intro to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Josh

August 15th, 2019

This class will introduce teens and adults to some of the basic concepts and techniques of self defense using the martial art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Benefits of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for self-defense….Brazilian Jiu- jitsu prefers to bring an opponent to the ground and rely on grappling techniques to subdue the opponent using holds, armlocks, chokes, legholds and strikes. This strategy takes away the advantage of an opponent with superior striking abilities. Brazilian jiu-jitsu benefits people from every walk of life, age and gender. It is the best martial art for self- defense.

The Time is Now! – Small Group Training with Aubrey

August 14th, 2019


“The difference between wanting more and achieving more is discipline.”

The time is now to grow discipline.

Train with Aubrey Miller CPT. She has over 22 years of experience working with children, teens, women, men, pregnant mamas, athletes and seniors. She has trained many special populations with autoimmune diseases, RA, MS and illnesses like cancer. She thrives on helping you to find the best method of exercise for you.

It’s time to grow discipline. 3 opportunities are waiting for you.

Maximum Strength: Saturdays at 9am. 5 weeks of training with one makeup week for $99.

The format of max. strength has just gotten an upgrade! 30seconds of max lifting followed by 30 seconds of plyometric training. This type of HIIT workout will definitely get you pumped up in all the right places and leave you wanting more.

Tuesday Small Group at 10.15am and Thursday Small group Training at 10.30am.

The small group atmosphere is perfect for the person who wants a good push and succeeds best while working with others. In Aubrey’s groups the training moto is that we don’t compete against each other we inspire!

All of Aubrey’s groups have a makeup week in each cycle just in case you are busy one week. There is also interchangeability between the groups if you need to change your training day one week.

Drop in and try a class too- $25 per session.

What are you waiting for? If you have always wanted to train with Aubrey now is the TIME. You will never regret the decision. Sign up today.