And the Biggest Chooser winners are…

April 13th, 2017

TEAM GREY with Trainer Sarah Roskilly Wins the Chooser Championship Belt!

People have a natural competitive nature. We crave to be challenged and desire victory. The Biggest Chooser 2017 Challenge was designed to appeal to that love of winning, but that wasn’t the only positive outcome this season. The camaraderie and accountability each team fostered formed relationships and healthy habits that will continue well past the challenge’s end date. Granite Falls Personal Training Team is beaming with pride at the success of all its participants. Together, we lost 1,248 pounds!!!! AMAZING JOB EVERYONE.

Special congratulations go to:

Overall Team Winner: Team Grey (Trainer Sarah Roskilly)

Overall Individual & Female Winner: Jenny Goguen (Team Turquoise, Trainer Janice Hirsch)

Overall Male Winner: Jonathan Gordan (Team Grey, Trainer Sarah Roskilly)

2nd Place Team Turquoise, Trainer Janice Hirsch), 3rd Place (Team Black, Trainer Phillip Williams),  4th Place(Team Pink, Trainer Heather Mills), & 5th Place(Team Orange, Aubrey Miller)