Biggest Chooser Update – Week Six

March 6th, 2019

March Madness Comes to Biggest Chooser


Final Four Predictions

1.) With four weeks remaining in the competition, it is still anyone’s game. Just 2.6% separates the 11th place team and top seeded Yellow at the moment. That’s a difference of just 32 pounds! It’s not over until the…, er, someone sings

2.) Games are won in the fourth quarter. Technically, there are two halves in a college basketball game, but the last ten minutes can be crucial. Coming down the wire it’s all about discipline and decision making. Sounds like an excellent weight loss plan.

3.) The “best” team always wins. In hindsight, this observation proves to be true. However, the favorite going in doesn’t always win. Why? See number two – the team that keeps its focus and drive is hard to beat.

4.) And the winner is … everyone! It’s not cliché’ to say that are no losers in our competition – wait, I thought the goal was to lose. I’m so confused.

Here are the standings after week six

1. Yellow – 6.53%
2. Charcoal – 6.49%
3. Tan – 6.18%
4. Orange – 5.75%
5. Kelly Green – 5.38%
6. Turquoise – 4.74%
7. Crimson – 4.52%
8. Olive Green – 4.21%
9. Black – 4.18%
10. Steel Blue – 3.95%
11. Navy Blue – 3.93%

Contest Wide
5.14% and 1,233.40 LBS