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Current Leader: Silver Team
Total Lbs. Lost: 396



At the advent of our annual Biggest Chooser health and weight loss competition, it is prudent and fun to reflect upon what has passed and what’s to come. Success has defined the program in the last several years as many participants have lost weight, gained friends, and influenced people (thank you Mr. Carnegie)! More importantly, most “choosers” have developed lasting relationships and healthy habits. Looking forward to this year’s competition, let’s remember this saying:

Life is choices

Choices have consequence

Make Good Choices!

The 2020 competition has gotten off to a raucous start. The 12 teams have combined to lose nearly 400 pounds in the first week! Of course, sustained progress will determine the winner, however, Silver Team Captain Josh Gougen was overheard saying, “Now that we have the lead, the rest of the teams can eat our dust.” When one of his team members pointed out that “eating dust” would actually assist the other teams in further weight loss, Josh quickly changed his metaphor to “cake”.

The Army Green team finished the week in second which is a bit disconcerting because do we really want to upset the military? Team Captain Aubrey Miller vows to “stalk our prey” and “give no quarter” when discussing the Mean Green’s pursuit of first place. Is anyone else frightened?

Phillip “That Belt is Mine” Williams’ Purple crew checked in at third place by week’s end. He reminded his team that third place is actually “second loser”. Phillip promised to keep his team motivated and mentioned that purple “accentuates my good looks.”

The reality is that all 12 teams have lost weight in week two and mere percentage points separate the top from the bottom. We are looking forward to more fun in week three!



Scarlet Team
Trainer: Cheryl
Purple Team
Trainer: Phillip
Green Team
Trainer: Cheryl
Navy Team
Trainer: Denae
Orange Team
Trainer: Aubrey
Grey Team
Trainer: Howie
White Team
Trainer: Cheyanne
Lime Team
Trainer: Michelle
Army Team
Trainer: Aubrey
Yellow Team
Trainer: Shannon
Black Team
Trainer: Phillip
Silver Team
Trainer: Josh


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