Aqua Bootcamp with Cheryl!

July 24th, 2019

If you are you looking for a low impact exercise program to burn a lot of calories then Aqua Boot Camp with Cheryl is for you! This new small group being offered on Saturday mornings at 8am is for all fitness levels and all exercises can be modified to meet your needs.  Aqua Boot Camp is a high intensity program that combines both in the pool and dry land, cardio, muscle toning, core strengthening and flexibility exercises to have you on your way to a better you!

A series of 5 workouts that is sure to push you outside of your comfort zone and challenge your fitness goals. Interval training incorporating low impact pushes including water sprints and other in pool exercises to increase your cardiovascular endurance and strength training using a combination of battle ropes, free weights, slam balls and tires. Every aspect of this full body workout will challenge you while you achieve overall health and well being.