Although We’re Not Their Parents…..

August 15th, 2017

…we’ve come to know their looks, their smiles, their laughs, their tired signals, their I’m all done moments. We’ve played with them and cared for them since they were babies, sending them off to others for daycare and preschool, and eventually on to elementary school where we might be lucky enough to get them back for camp, special programs or after school hours. We’ve taught them to take turns, to clean up after themselves, to say goodbye to mom and dad, to use their words, to paint only on the object to be painted (not the table!), to use the potty, to make friends, and to talk to adults.

Although we’re not their parents we love them fiercely, look forward to their smiles, celebrate their first steps, join them in their laughter, and marvel at how much they’ve grown. Although we’re not their parents we sure are amazed by these kids we call ours in the KidZone!