Mercy for America’s Children

November 29th, 2018

Dear Members,

Please read the blog from our member partner Mercy for America’s children. We join them in requesting your support this holiday season. Thanks as always for your kind generosity. Your gifts do make a difference.

The Holidays are often a time filled with joy and laughter for so many. Although it is hard to think about, we are also surrounded by many who struggle with a lack of resources and tremendous emotional pain brought on by the holiday season. We have over 10,000 children in our foster care system here in North Carolina. For many of the children who are in the system by no fault of their own, the holidays can be a very difficult time. Not only are they missing the love of a permanent family to care for them, but many are also missing many needed resources. Perhaps the most vulnerable among this group are the teens who are nearing adulthood and will likely be on their own at the age of eighteen. One simple, but meaningful way that we can show these children and young adults that we care is to help them meet some of their basic needs through a donation of gift cards to purchase gasoline, clothing, and food. Mercy for America’s Children strives each year to meet the growing needs around us through a collection of cards to be disbursed to those in need. Please consider helping in this meaningful way this Christmas. Thank you for showing the children in our local community that you care.

Some Suggested Gift Cards:  Visa Gift Cards to be used anywhere

  • Gas Cards
  • Gift cards to any grocery store
  • Clothing Stores (Kohls, Target, Hollister, American Eagle)

Visit Mercy for America’s Children website HERE