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Welcome Our New Trainer – Jennifer Leonard

April 3rd, 2021

Welcome Our New Trainer – Jennifer Leonard

My name is Jennifer Leonard and I am a homegrown North Carolina native. My journey with fitness really began in my early 30’s after a series of health challenges. As a mother of four, I knew that I needed to be healthy for them, so I began cleaning up my diet and working out regularly. A few years later, I decided to take a karate class with my son merely as a way to get him involved in some kind of athletic activity, but after one class, I was completely hooked!

Since then, I have trained hard over the past ten years to become one of the few female higher ranking black belts in our system and currently hold a third degree black belt. My area of expertise is in traditional style Okinawan karate. If you’ve ever seen The Karate Kid, then you will be familiar with what I do. In fact, I have had the honor of training with Hanshi Jerry Partain, who is the top US black belt in our style and served as a consultant for the original movie.

When I’m not doing flying spin kicks (ha), you’ll find me hanging out with my family, creating artwork, or out biking on the trail taking pictures of the local flowers and wildlife.
I have a passion for teaching and especially for helping women learn how to protect themselves.

In our class we will focus on learning and practicing basic self-defense techniques by
incorporating basic karate skills, building muscle memory so that these skills become reflex, and getting into the right mindset to always be alert and ready should danger arise. My goal is to teach you skills that will enable you to go about your life more confidently and safely.

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