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Spring into Movement with Spring Track Out Camp

January 24th, 2018

Ok, so, yes, we are in the midst of some of the coldest temperatures of the year but just as we were not too long ago saying we couldn’t believe how fast Christmas came, we’ll be saying the same about spring. The spring season in this area is beautiful (minus that whole pollen period) with temperatures pretty much perfect and the hint of summer just around the corner. With the water-filled pool, lake, and beach season of summer coming, before we know it, you may start to think about swim lessons for your kids.

Here at Granite Falls we believe swimming to be a vital skill for all kids so we’ve incorporated daily lessons (in addition to open swim) into each child’s camp day. Each week our campers are split into ability level groups with swim instructors Ms. Allison and Ms. Geraldine guiding our least experienced swimmers through the basics of swimming while challenging those who are at a much more advanced level with individual medleys (IMs), hundred kicks, ironmans, and tombstones.

The camp kids also get four fitness classes each week. Kidz Fit, an upbeat mix of exercise and games with the elementary age child in mind, with Ms. Geraldine is on Mondays and Wednesdays. On Tuesday afternoons, Ms. Tammy brings the fun for Kidz Funk – 45 minutes of high/low impact cardio dance with sass. Wrapping up our week we have 30 minutes of Kidz Yoga (pajamas optional), designed just for kids, with Ms. Cheryl.


Throw in our park visits and active games in the fitness room and campers are guaranteed to have moved their bodies in a large variety of ways that ensure hungry stomachs and sleepy heads at the end of their camp day! Don’t worry – we’ve built in rest, recovery, and down time with our crafts, hands-on activities, journal time, morning meetings, and post-lunch hang out time.


If this camp experience sounds like something your child would enjoy then make plans to join us this spring (winter camp spots are still available as well). Registration for our spring camps opened this Monday, January 22, with special first week of registration discounts happening through Friday January 26.

Don’t be THAT Parent

January 23rd, 2018

You’ve started off the New Year with a bang when it comes to your workouts. You’re sticking to a schedule and showing up. You’re making progress…seeing old clothes fit again, watching the number on the scale drop, feeling energetic and able to keep up with your kids…speaking of kids…there goes a sneeze…wait for it…nose being  blown…aaaaannnnnddddd…

”MOM!  I don’t feel so good!” OH NO! Panic sets in as you realize you won’t be able to go to the gym because your child has to go to the KidZone while you work out and you can’t possibly bring him since he is sick. But, wait, you think, is he really that sick…it’s only an hour…he’ll be fine…right?


Don’t be THAT parent. You know the one. The one who forgets to think about how quickly germs can spread to other kids, not to mention staff, from shared toys, shared spaces, and shared bodily fluids. (Don’t get all grossed out.  I’m only, mostly, talking about sneezes, noses wiped on arms, fingers and toys in mouth type of shared bodily fluids.) Your workout can wait or you can be creative and try an at-home workout (Google is your best friend for this).

In case you are unsure, here is an excerpt from the KidZone Parent Manual to guide in you in your “should I bring my child to the KidZone when sick” decision. Please decide wisely.

When should I keep my child at home?

Please be sure to use good judgment if your child is demonstrating any signs of sickness. We want to keep our other children and staff healthy. Please do not bring your child if he/she are exhibiting signs of the following as you will be asked to take him/her home for the best interest of all parties:

  • A fever at or over 100.0 degrees F within the last 24 hours
  • A continuous runny nose or cough that is not allergy related
  • Diarrhea or vomiting within the last 24 hours
  • Undiagnosed skin rashes, sores or other conditions
  • Sore throat
  • Any other contagious symptoms within the last 24 hours

How many Yards in a Swimming Mile?

January 9th, 2018


So you’re headed to Granite Falls for yet another workout that includes, some of the best cardio there is, swimming. Just a few blocks from the pool you wonder “how many miles do I swim”? Granite Falls indoor pool is a 25 yard pool. 1 length is equal to 25 yards (one end of the pool to the other). One lap is 50 yards (down and back). 1 mile is approximately 1,650 yards, which is 66 lengths or 33 laps. Next time you’re in the pool count your laps to see if you can reach a mile or more. Happy swimming!

Be the Biggest Chooser!

January 2nd, 2018

Guest Blog by Granite Falls Personal Trainer, Josh Goguen

Good news, everyone! The Biggest Chooser Challenge is back for 2018 and better than ever. This year, we have more teams, more trainers and more time slots available to fit your schedule. We all have different reasons for putting fitness goals at the top of our 2018 to-do list, so why not give yourself an edge?

Maybe you have a reunion in the spring. You want to look your best because Debbie’s going to be there (not you, Debbie- the other Debbie). She thought she was all that back in high school but you’ll show her who’s still got it.

Perhaps you have a particular bathing suit you’ve been eyeing for the summer and those selfies will be so satisfying knowing Debbie is totally going to be Facebook stalking you after the reunion.
You might even be one of those people that isn’t concerned with appearance as much as just wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, unlike Debbie. She’s so shallow.

Whatever your reasons are, The Biggest Chooser Challenge is here to help.

So, what exactly is The Biggest Chooser Challenge? It is a 12 week, team-based weight loss challenge to kick start your progress and set you up for success. Teams are based on workout and weigh-in availability with results being assessed on the percentage of total weight lost for the team. Something different this year from previous years, teams will be smaller allowing for a better trainer to client ratio than ever before.

When you join a Biggest Chooser team, you have access to a trainer, a small group fitness class once a week and measurement tracking, but that’s not all. This friendly competition between our trainers and their teams will give you the intangibles that can make a huge difference. Being on a team will help increase motivation, build camaraderie, and create accountability.

But, the most important factor is FUN and this is going to be fun.

2018 is your year, not Debbie’s. So why not give yourself every advantage possible? There are still Biggest Chooser Challenge spots open, so it’s not too late (yet) to jump on board and set yourself up for success.