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The Story of Mary, Diane, and Diane

February 28th, 2017

Has going to the gym & getting into shape always been in the corner of your mind, but you aren’t sure where to start???

Leave aside all the excuses and the fears…join us for Foundations of Fitness!

In February, Mary & the 2 Diane’s decided to “take the plunge” back into the gym to beat the winter blahs. What they discovered was much more than a tough hour workout. They found community and understanding. Also, the new team created great accountability for each other. They inspire one another into coming to the gym more than once a week. Diane said, “I am happy to tell you I have been back to the gym and on the treadmill twice since Tuesday night and have done the exercises at home. Thank you so much for Tuesday night … it is so what I needed. I appreciate your time, effort and kindness with me.” We are so proud at these lovely ladies’ success, and happy to be part of their journey to better fitness & wellness. WAY TO GO, MARY, DIANE, & DIANE!!!

Foundations of Fitness is a 4 week starter program designed to explore the benefits of cardio and resistance training, build your knowledge of circuit equipment/free weights, increase flexibility, determine proper intensity for improvement of health, and to build friendships/connect with like-minded members. Each once-per-week session is led by ACSM certified personal trainer, Sarah Roskilly and day & evening sessions are available. Sign-up for the next sessions online or through our iOS app!

It’s great to be a KID at Granite Falls!

February 21st, 2017


 Smiling faces, lots of laughter, and epic video game contests!  All of these things, and so much more, can be found daily in the KidZone.  The KidZone team is fortunate to be able to hang out with some of the coolest kids around – our members’ kids.  We are blessed to get to spend hours upon hours with them, watching many of them grow from babies to preschoolers and all the way to elementary aged kids.  The fortunate part about spending so many hours together is forming strong connections with the kids and watching them connect and build friendships with each other.  This year we have decided to add a couple of extra things to the KidZone experience in order to help deepen those connections among the kids and, by extension, their parents.  While we have always provided crafts and fun experiences for the kids, each month we are having specialty days where we have just a little more fun, add just a bit more to our games, and promote an exciting KidZone day for the kids to look forward to.  So far we have had an Indoor Snowball Fight in January and a Valentine’s Day party in February.  We are next looking forward to our Wearin’ of the Green Day on St. Patrick’s Day, Friday, March 17.  Each of these special days are advertised at the KidZone check in station, just outside the KidZone door where the names of the KidZone staff on duty are listed, and highlighted on social media as well as weekly email updates. 


One of the other initiatives we are starting this Spring is a KidZone sponsored Play Date at the Rolesville Main Street Park.  Beginning on Wednesday March 22nd and going forward each Wednesday until the outdoor pool opens, the Youth Programs Director, Susan Bayer, and/or another KidZone staff member hopes to hang out with your kids and you at the park.  You do not have to be currently using KidZone to join us.  All are welcome!  We’ll bring fun items for the kids to play with – chalk, bubbles, jump ropes, etc. – and all you have to bring are your kids!  This will be an opportunity for your kids to hang out with their KidZone friends outside of our four walls, for parents to get to meet their kids’ KidZone friends, and for you all to get to know any KidZone staff who are present a little bit more.  Please note, this is not a drop off event.  The KidZone is simply sponsoring and being a point person.  A parent/guardian must be present. 



We hope you enjoy all of the new things we have in place for our youngest members!


Congrats Makos!

February 15th, 2017

Congratulations to our Granite Falls Makos who made North Carolina Age Group and Senior Swimming Championships!

We have 27 Makos swimmers competing in over 100 individual and relay events over the next two weeks.  Our Championship team is lead by Team Captains Hunter Young & Emma Denton with fellow swimmers Caiden Ames, Tate Bacon, MaKayla Ciancanelli, Austen Davis, Brooke Denton, Bridget Derwin, Nate Derwin, CJ Eickhoff, Danielle Hirsch, Michael Keleher, Kylie McGlade, True Merrill, Lily Mitchell, Kathryn Monville, Riley O’Brien, Emilie Phillips, Caroline Prather, David Quaresma, Avery Thomas, Julia Turner, Avalon Uveges, Jadon Valles, Ben Walcott, David Walcott and Greyson Young.  Good luck to all our Makos swimmers in the Championship Meets.  Go Makos!

Share Your Story

February 6th, 2017

We struggle. We climb. We fall. We find solace in a friend…or friends. And it’s all part of the journey.

I started working at Granite Falls in May 2014- my best friend, Erin, had recently started her part-time job here and it seemed like the perfect addition to my stay-at-home mom lifestyle. Just a few hours they said…you’ll love it they said. Oh, wow, were they ever right! (Well, except for the few hours thing…)

As a member, I loved the smiles, the companionship, the sense of family. As an employee, I love this facility for the same three reasons. And the fact that my feelings didn’t change with my title says a lot about this big business in a small town.

When I look around and see the individuals and the families that have made Granite Falls a part of their life, their journey, I see the same three things again- smiles, companionship, and family. And, I want to capture that spirit, that look, and share it with as many people as we can.

So, we got the idea for a photo album- a family scrapbook to show off to our friends here at Granite Falls and to locals who haven’t yet decided to join us. To show that we are truly doing something amazing here- not just the facility, but the people in it.

If you have a story you would like to tell OR know someone else who does, please email me at And, as always, thank YOU for letting us be a part of that story.


Taking Roll?

February 1st, 2017

You remember the classes you took in college where the professor didn’t take roll? Seemed a lot harder to get to those classes sometimes due to the lack of accountability right? The gym can feel the same way which is why we encourage you to find a buddy, an accountability partner, to work out with. Look for a friend or someone you see frequently in class and find out if you have similar fitness goals. Make a plan each week to meet up in a class, in the pool or on the fitness floor. Can’t always make it to the gym? How about a neighbor you can walk with? There are plenty of options out there to squash the excuses so go ahead, partner up!